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Trump: Fox News “Littered” With “Garbage”

He’s just trying to intimidate the network into supporting him more, and he’s angry at Neil Cavuto for disagreement with him on hydroxychloroquine.

He’s not going to turn it off.

5 thoughts on “Trump: Fox News “Littered” With “Garbage””

  1. Neil’s been anti-Trump from the beginning of his presidency, so this is hardly surprising. I think it stems from Trump not wanting to appear on Cavuto’s show early on (or perhaps even pre-presidency, although I imagine there’s more to it.

    I used to watch Cavuto all the time pre-Trump, but he’s become unwatchable the past couple of years…although he wasn’t a fan of Obama, he was rather objective, which I respected…but he can’t hide his clear dislike of Trump and all the little digs and snide comments became tiresome.

  2. Dummy Juan Williams (shallow, biased liberal Dem) & dummy Dana Perino (just plain dumb and clueless about the world)…the two worst on “The 5”.

    1. I don’t have any issues with Dana. Juan is another story but I think it’s good to keep him on to show how the left thinks.

  3. I partially agree! Juan Williams is dumber than a fence post. His out of control shouting of “his ideas” is unbecoming. Even Bob Becker was orders of magnitude better.
    Dans Perino tries hard to be her best by offering sane and unemotional comments! She exemplifies sanity.

  4. He’s right.
    IMO, President Trump is entitled to same deference that the MSM gave to PresObama.
    They don’t have to swoon at his every word or action, but finding fault with every word, spinning every event is just wrong.

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