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Video || Joe Scarborough Says Trump is Not Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Is President Trump taking it, or is he just playing to his political supporters with an anti-establishment stunt and jerking the media around? What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Video || Joe Scarborough Says Trump is Not Taking Hydroxychloroquine”

  1. Scarborough’s a clown…he wouldn’t believe Trump no matter what. As Dr. Krathammer used to say about many, he’s an “entirely unserious” person.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I want to know the facts about President Trump
    Scamborough is the first person I turn to.
    Uh, that’s a joke son.

  3. I think it’s likely he is taking it. Sebastian Górka posted his own prescription bottle of it on FB today. There’s a hospital (I think in Michigan) which has been doing a clinical trial of using hydroxychloroquine prophylactically on its willing employees since February. You’d think if, as the Left insists, that it’s alternately dangerous or useless, they’d be cheering Trump on!

  4. Meaningless drivel consumed by folks who are sucked in by shiny objects. The folks may be decent but they are being deceived…daily.

    My TV is programmed to skip this channel.


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