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Barr: Durham Not Expected to Investigate Obama or Biden

That’s not, I would argue, an luxury that a Democratic attorney general would afford a former Republican president in the same circumstances.

Attorney General William Barr said Monday during a news conference that he does not expect U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is investigating the Obama administration’s Russia probe, to target Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

But he didn’t rule out that Obama and Biden had abused their offices.

Barr said:

There’s a difference between an abuse of power and a federal crime. Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime. Now, as to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement, based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man. Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.

4 thoughts on “Barr: Durham Not Expected to Investigate Obama or Biden”

  1. There is the proof we are witnessing kabuki theater. Once again we see a tiered justice system on the taxpayer dime. Hope we all enjoy the show.

  2. Obama and Biden NEED to be investigated, they need to be questioned, all of this happened with Obama’s consent. I don’t care if Obama is the first black President, what he did was illegal! The only way to stop this from happening to someone else, is to punish the evil doers! So sick of seeing people like the Clinton’s, Lerner, Obama and Biden get away with stuff that would have landed an ordinary person in jail.

  3. It’s a shame that respect for the office allows the horrible people who abuse the office to get off scot-free. I am tired of letting history make its judgement. Obama attempted a coup – he used our own government to shape the Presidential race so that his party’s candidate would win. Treason, treason, treason to our way of life.

  4. Aside from parsing the offenses that may or may not have been actual crimes by Obama and Biden, there’s this: do you really want to indict either one with an election coming up? If you’re looking for a reason to fire up the Gimmiedats’ base, that would be it. Trump has made considerable inroads in Obama’s former base of support. Let those voters render their verdict in November, as is their right and also their duty. Let O. and B. twist in the wind.

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