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Video || Trump: “Vaccine or No Vaccine, We’re Back

6 thoughts on “Video || Trump: “Vaccine or No Vaccine, We’re Back”

  1. Trump has tried to deny the Covid-19 virus enough access to American victims to prevent a full-onslaught of illness that will overwhelm the nation’s healthcare system. He has filled the shelves of medical supplies that were left empty by Obama. He is now attempting to reopen the nation safely and save the economy. He knows the shadow of a Covid-19 tidal wave still hangs over the nation, but he also sees that economic ruin is pending, too.

    God bless President Trump. Only an intelligent, experienced, patriotic business expert could have balanced these two mutually exclusive goals. He’s doing a great job even as the Dems continue their “Resist (and conceal Obama’s actions)” manipulation of our nation.

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