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White House to Change Coronavirus Task Force, With Lesser Role for Health Officials

They’ll still be there, it looks like, but they will be diminished as President Trump focuses on ways to get the country reopened.

Anthony Fauci kept contradicting the president, and now his influence will be diminished.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The White House will add more figures to its coronavirus task force before the end of the week, according to senior administration officials, as it enters the crucial phase of trying to reopen the country safely.

The decision follows President Trump’s announcement last week that he would keep and expand the task force after officials and Vice President Mike Pence said its work would be winding down.

The president has been under pressure from conservatives to reduce the influence of scientists on the panel, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the country’s leading infectious disease experts, who are accused of being too cautious in lifting social distancing restrictions.

A senior administration official said the additions would mark a “reconfiguring” and a new step in the White House response.

“And now, I think we are sort of entering a new phase, which is, ‘How do you now safely reopen?’”

6 thoughts on “White House to Change Coronavirus Task Force, With Lesser Role for Health Officials”

  1. While some will view it as semantics…

    Some of us are not trying to, per the Washington Examiner, “…reduce the influence of scientists on the panel…”

    But to add the influence of (medical/health) scientists that understand more than a very parochial view of the issue.

    Further, an economist is a scientist — and there are many others that are well trained and learned that can chime in on this issue so please world stop with the implication that only these two knuckleheads with terrible scientific skills are to be followed.

  2. Fauci has a place in the mechanism, but strictly for clinical data. He does not wear the long white robe and have the keys to the pearly gates….


  3. It is long past overdue that Fauci and Birx are relegated to the trash heap where they belong! Fauci is neck deep into the vaccine programs, where he reaps millions of dollars. Conflict of interest, anyone? He’s also in tight with Bill Gates and his eugenics programs. The CDC is really just a vaccine company that pushes their products onto the public by pretending they are a neutral advisory body. Total corruption!!

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