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CNN Poll Finds Trump Leading Biden in Swing States

Huh? CNN?

Well, at least their polling desk may not have an agenda.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A new poll finds President Trump with a 7-point lead over Joe Biden in 15 swing states, despite losing nationally by 5 points.

The survey, conducted by the research company SSRS for CNN, found that 52% of voters in swing states back Trump for reelection, with 45% supporting the vice president. In a national head-to-head matchup, 51% of voters prefer Biden and 46% plan on voting for Trump.

The swing states included in the poll are Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The firm interviewed 1,112 adults by telephone for the poll, which has a 3.7% margin of error.

Much of Trump’s advantage in swing states stems from younger voters, who narrowly favor him over Biden. Nationally, Biden leads Trump with women 55% to 41%, and with people of color 69% to 26%. Among men, Trump wins 50% of their support to Biden’s 46%.

White voters also favor Trump 55% to 43%, and the two are nearly tied with voters under the age of 45, at 49% for Biden and 46% for Trump.

2 thoughts on “CNN Poll Finds Trump Leading Biden in Swing States”

  1. Not a big fan of polls, but if this is in any way accurate…and the economy starts to rebound by the fall, electorally it won’t even be close on November 3rd.

    Of course, the Dems knows this – that’s why they want to keep everything shut down indefinitely. An economy in perpetual ruin is their only hope.

  2. If Blue state governors continue to block the re emergence of the economy, they will pay the price. That being said, deep Blue states were never going to back Trump anyway, so the key is the swing states. If they open and thrive, Trump will roll in November.


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