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Biden Campaign Manager: “Voters Don’t Give a Shit About Where He’s Filming”

Such pleasant people, these young Democrats. Not that Republicans can tout President Trump for un-coarsening the dialogue.

But Joe Biden has no plans to stop hiding in the basement.

“Voters don’t give a shit about where he’s filming from,” campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told the Associated Press. “What they care about is what he’s saying and how we connect with them.”

Meantime, Trump is set to start traveling the country. I think voters do care. Part of what got him elected last time is his dynamism.

But Biden thinks it’s helping him win.

“We find ourselves doing very well in the polls relative to the president. As a matter of fact, to be bunt about it, the more the president’s out, the more it seems to help,” Biden said.

He told an interviewer that he’s trying to do better with the internets, where he’s been serially flubbing. He noted a recent event he held on the web with his former rival for the Democratic nomination, Andrew . . . Young.

9 thoughts on “Biden Campaign Manager: “Voters Don’t Give a Shit About Where He’s Filming””

  1. Putting aside the obvious multitude of oratory miscues, note what he said: we are “trying” to get better at it, the internet. I’ve noticed a pattern over the years: Dems equate “trying” to accomplishing. As if the goal is to try, not necessarily succeed. Bill Clinton once said of his failed effort to revamp healthcare: I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life…as if his effort should be applauded despite falling short of the goal. That’s the same as when a baseball manager remarks about a struggling hitter…” he got some good looks at the ball today”…. yikes

    1. Yoda said it…. something like “Do or Do not — there is no try!”

      For the science-minded — Force X Distance = Work
      Unless you make movement there is no WORK… Pushing on a wall all day and not moving it is, by definition, NO WORK accomplished…

      Some folks believe in inputs… others outputs…
      Some nations spend a ton on education… and that is what a liberal often wants.. spending.. a conservative might want to have better test scores (or some measure of success)….

      I remember on my 3-year team in city council the aghast looks on peoples’ faces when I said – as an advocate for the citizens – I don’t care if we have a department of 3 people, a contractor or a machine doing it — I just want to know that when I turn on turn on the faucet that water comes out — balancing reliability and cost (regardless of the input method).

      If you have only 3 years to live…. serve on your city council…. it will seem like an eternity.

  2. Thought her name sounded somewhat familiar, she was Beto’s campaign manager. Probably going to hear Gropey Sleepy Joe f-bombing and saying other assorted bad words so he can sound as edgy as Beto. I mean, it worked for him, didn’t it?

  3. I had to google who she was. Saw her picture and it immediately made sense why she is liberal and her vocabulary is what it is.

    I once had a liberal tout all of these studies which supposedly prove that people who use profanity are so much more bright and smarter than those who don’t.

    I told her I could show her studies that touted that carrots cause cancer. Doesn’t make it fact.

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