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Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Incorrectly Saying Pence Was Carrying Empty PPE Boxes

I’ve watched Kimmel’s show maybe a couple of times. It’s clear to me from those experiences and from this miss about Mike Pence that he doesn’t know much about jokes.

11 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Incorrectly Saying Pence Was Carrying Empty PPE Boxes”

  1. One more thing exposed by the stay-at-home orders is how dependent these guys are on laugh tracks and coached studio audiences. The Maher/Crenshaw episode was the best example of their lack of comedic talent.

  2. Well Jimbo, this Administration, the President Trump Administration…choke on that Jimbo, President Trump.
    His Administration values the truth infinitely more than the media.

    1. You raise a good point. I’m old enough to remember Jack Paar, Steve Allen, the early Johnny Carson and early David Letterman (not so good in their later years), etc. Truly funny, witty and insightful. This current crop of Late Night hosts is a complete waste of time. It’s like watching 4th Graders trying to put on a play in the backyard. Just awful.

    2. I could never get into Letterman much…for me, it was Carson and no one else (and I was only in my mid-20s when he went off the air!) I love watching his old clips on YouTube — such a great interviewer — he brought out the best in everyone.

  3. I’ve heard that, even though he’s a lefty, David Letterman is a good guy. One example was when the local ranching economy where his ranch is in MT took a dive, he told the grocery store to put people’s grocery bills on his tab if they were having trouble.

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