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Michelle Obama: Having Kids Forced Me to Give Up “My Aspirations and Dreams”

Oh dear. Just think of what could have been.

And now that the birds have flown the nest, think of what could be!

Michelle spoke during a documentary on Netflix, with which the Obamas have a $475 billion deal, or something.

My relationship with Barack was all about our equal partnership. If I was going to have a unique voice with this very opinionated man, I had to get myself up and set myself off to a place where I was going to be his equal.

The thing that really changed it was the birth of our children. I wasn’t really ready for that. That really made it harder. Something had to give and it was my aspirations and dreams.

I made that concession not because he said, “You have to quit your job,” but it felt like I can’t do all of this so I have to tone down my aspirations, I have to dial it back.

15 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: Having Kids Forced Me to Give Up “My Aspirations and Dreams””

    1. My thought, too. Both my husband and I gave up lots because of our children. We never thought of it as giving anything up, though. It was our responsibility to raise our children to be productive adults, which they now are. We did what we did out of love.

      And you know what? Our “kids” are great kids and they love us.

  1. What in the world does having children do with ruining her life’s “dreams”. Unless she was aspiring to be a star ballerina, or the entertainment director on a cruise ship, children
    oh geez.
    You don’t want me to finish this, trust me.

  2. And she’s going to (in some people’s minds) be the next VP of the US? HAHAHAHAHA. The Campaign commercials will write themselves. This clip can be part of one, and the “for the first time in my life I’m proud of my country” can be another. Oh, and how about contrasting “when they go low we go high” with some of the crap they pulled against Flynn?

  3. Itta bitta boo…
    Who cares what she has to say about anything.
    Speaking from experience with leaving a career outside the home for a career rearing 4 sons in the home, teach children to find their heros closer to home, like their parents and grandparents. Not a pampered, complaining former politician’s spouse who was not elected to anything, but gets lemmings to pay a streaming service to get into your living room on a streaming service.

  4. Talk about privilege. What a stuck up, whining, petulant beatch Michelle Obama is. I feel sorry for her children having to read about how they were a block to her fulfilling her dreams and aspirations. Ick, double ick, triple ick.
    And people complain about DJT.

  5. She could’ve aborted them, or just kept her legs together. Having children was a “concession” that forced her to give up her “dreams.” Michelle, Please spare us how difficult your life has been, you live a life of luxury that many of us can only dream about. Quit your bi*tching and go away!

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