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White House Abolishing Coronavirus Task Force Around Memorial Day

The White House will put an end to the coronavirus task force, transferring responsibility to the agencies, Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday.

Not sure I get the timing here. There seems to be this air of hopeful illusion in the White House that everything is going to be better by the end of the month and we can get well on our way back to normal.

“I truly believe, and the trend lines support it, that we could be in a very different place by late May or early June,” he said, allowing a “transition back to having our agencies begin to manage our national response in a more traditional manner.”

I think the major difference between now and the end of the month will be that there are going to be thousands more dead people.

It makes sense to try to reopen in a limited fashion in certain areas where disease is declining. So many people and businesses are in a desperate place financially.

But I don’t get what the point of a task force was if it is going to be abandoned before the job is nearly done.

7 thoughts on “White House Abolishing Coronavirus Task Force Around Memorial Day”

    1. Agree 100%. Fauci and Birx were wrong on so many things, Fauci has close ties with WHO, he and Birx are medical people who don’t understand (or seem to care) that this prolonged shutdown is hurting millions of Americans. Their jobs are secure, ours are not, time to say “adios.”

      1. I don’t think we need to fire them because they make suggested response plans which save as many lives from this virus as possible. That’s the problem with the Dem talking point of “following the science”. It leads to disaster, just a different one than an out-of-control deadly virus. Decisions need to made which minimize both disasters, and likely will lead to political election vulnerability. These decisions are not easy but they must be made.

  1. Excellent point Keith… we are/will be at “war” with this “plague” until at least Fall I think.

    FDR did not say ‘we are good, I won WW2’ (I imagine Trump doing something like that back then -LOL) on June 8 1944 after Normandy…

  2. Only those who are susceptible need hunker down if it reappears, we cannot do this again. Fauci has some questionable past comments and relationships with WHO, why trust him? Where are the millions they said would be dead by May, that didn’t happen. Yes people are getting sick, sadly some have died. You mentioned WW2. Those who died fighting that war would be absolutely appalled that we as a nation, curled up in a fetal position over a virus!

  3. Really?

    How about a task force on obesity or something that has a higher death rate?

    This is a virus that hits the people with a compromised immune system — study it — work on it — and let the rest of us alone. I need a daily briefing on a virus that hits a certain small subset. Daily? Daily briefing on Type 2 diabetic something would be more impactful.

    The death rate — when you take out the impact of sending infested people into nursing homes with immune compromised individuals — is relatively small — and in most of those cases for people that have immune system issues.

    Perspective is completely lost.

    I am not in NYC or other places with higher rates of death so I certainly cannot be judged to really know what it is like. I guess I am just dumb. I better wear my mask and shut up….. like Cuomo does all the time…. /sarc

    This is not small… but neither are a dozen other things. Perspective.

    Stop morbidly obese people from eating in restaurants if you want to help health. Figure out why gun violence is hitting certain groups. Tackle a smoker on the streets….

    Sorry for those who lost a loved one….

  4. From the hot zone: I agree that dismantling the task force is perhaps premature. I suspect that dismantling does not mean these folks disappear, just that their presence will be diminished as we emerge from crisis. In truth, this is now a regional issue that needs attention from county execs and governors. One size does not fit all.

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