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What is Schiff Hiding? Republicans Demand Release of Witness Interviews

Rep. Adam Schiff, who headed up the House Russia investigation and the Trump impeachment inquiry, did much of his work in secret.

Apparently, he intended to keep it that way.

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Republicans pressed House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to stop blocking the release of 53 witness interviews from the committee’s investigation of Russian election interference. 

Led by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, 27 GOP lawmakers said in a Tuesday letter that the House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously in the fall of 2018 to release dozens of witness interview transcripts from its Trump-Russia investigation, but the transcripts have not been made public. 

“We understand now that Chairman Schiff is blocking the release of these transcripts. This news, if accurate, is disturbing — especially in light of Chairman Schiff’s cries in 2019 for transparency regarding allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia,” the congressmen said.

“For almost four years, prominent Democrat politicians and commentators alleged that President Trump colluded with Russia, with Chairman Schiff going as far as to say that he had ‘direct evidence’ of collusion. Now that these allegations have been disproven by several investigations, the American people deserve to have transparency about why public figures such as Chairman Schiff continued to promote such wild accusations.”

1 thought on “What is Schiff Hiding? Republicans Demand Release of Witness Interviews”

  1. What is Schiff hiding? It could be evidence that he immorally/unethically/illegally tried to coerce witness testimony to nail Trump. We know the end justifies the means with the left.

    Or it could just be standard behavior from a swamp-dweller regarding records: withhold, delay, block…

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