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Video || Trump Says the Press Treats Him Worse Than it Did Lincoln

Now, of course, the press will jump on President Trump for comparing himself to Lincoln . . .

Trump spoke Sunday during a Fox news event at the Lincoln Memorial. He knows reporters are extremely biased against him, and so he’s trying to diminish the press by attacking it. But I also think he is genuinely mystified about why they are after him so relentlessly.

And so am I. It’s sad. The mainstream media has completely discredited itself by not even attempting to hide its bias.

Unlike Trump, Lincoln actually cracked down on the press, although of course there was a Civil War going on.

9 thoughts on “Video || Trump Says the Press Treats Him Worse Than it Did Lincoln”

  1. With apologies to the very few honest journalists out there, We need to focus on the culprit here… it is the CCP/China. Not the President. But the CCP is hard to reach, and in the end, regardless of how we tackle the relationship with China, the media will hone in on their only goal…defeat Trump.

    The drumbeat is deafening…


  2. MrTrump isn’t the only one mystified by the rabid anti-Trump people.
    Fear, jealousy, chagrin, misplaced patriotism, or the wrecking of some secret plan?

    1. I think the Dems (obviously), MSM and many Washington elites wanted Hillary to continue Obama’s remaking of America (through mostly Executive Orders and administrative regulations — EPA, for example.) It would continue their slow walk toward socialism and governmental control. We had become a very different country by the end of Obama’s reign in 2016 vs. 2008.

      Hillary was supposed to win easily, and likely would have done so against all the usual Republican suspects.

      Then came Trump.

  3. OANN seems to do unbiased journalism. I don’t think F0X does. The President knows;) I would like him to be much less accessible. Obama and handlers did not tolerate much or there were repercussions….

  4. Please forgive me for going on a rant off topic here, but I just have to present this comparison. This does have to do with the press, so it is not too far O/T.

    I was curious to see what would happen with Georgia’s earlier lifting of restrictions. The press jumped all over their governor Brian Kemp, with predictions of doom (seemed to be predicting the extinction of the human race) such as this:

    I have had a growing suspicion since day1 that all of our actions to control the spread of coronavirus were doing only a very small percentage of what we THINK they are doing, if anything at all. So I was curious to see what was going to happen in Georgia. Here it is, in all its horrific doom:

    New cases go way down. Do we see any updates, apologies, explanations, retractions? No.

    Governor Brian Kemp should be lauded for his brave leadership!

    Our “free press” IS our enemy. They are tearing us apart! What is going on???

    End the lockdowns. I am now officially 100% a lockdown protester.

    1. Interesting! The only thing here in NJ I have seen post -lockdown was nonsense about there being 1000 new Covid deaths in Georgia—the day the Governor lifted the order. As if just signing the order was directly responsible for killing them. But in the comments, that’s just the connection the Dems made as nauseaum.

      1. NJ (my ancestral homeland -lol) is on the lookout for “knuckleheads” who the Gov wants to use/blame…and shutdown parks-beaches again.

        1. You left this, this, this paradise? LOL

          The biggest knuckleheads here are our Governor and the sheep who voted for him. Word has it the knuckleheads mostly passed the test and parks/beaches are mostly still open.

    2. With the lockdown — not really the right term but…

      I think that with the spread before the lockdown and also the trips to Walmart, Well Fargo, Publix, Taco Bell, Lowe’s and other interactions since then I don’t think that there really was much impact of the lockdown on the spread of the virus.

      Still thoroughly disappointed in neighboring Gov of Florida — DeSantis (error on the side of safety man) who apparently took an oath much different than the one I thought he took == to defend liberty and freedom. Don’t reward people like that who were not as bad as the governors of MI, NV, MA, NY, CA, NJ and others…A republican that has a state on lockdown is just a Tyrant-light. Still a tyrant.

      Don’t ask government to End the lockdown. Don’t ask government to give you your freedom.

      Excercise it. Now.

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