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Trump Poised to Propose Letting Taiwan Into the WHO

The U.S. has circulated a draft proposal to give Taiwan “observer status” in the World Health Organization, according to Fox news.

There is no reason other than to appease China that Taiwan is not in the organization, and furthermore, no other reason that Taiwan is an international pariah.

Meantime, the Chinese Community Party is viciously oppressing the Uighurs in Xinjiang Province, not to mention its own Han Chinese. Tibet is long forgotten.

Anyway, nobody cares, as long as they can get trinkets for their Happy Meals or pay $100 less for the iPhone 12.

1 thought on “Trump Poised to Propose Letting Taiwan Into the WHO”

  1. You want to give Red China a big F-U as a result of this Wuhan Flu…
    The USA under Pres Trump recognizes TAIWAN, Republic of China, as a FREE & INDEPENDENT NATION :-)

    Imagine sleepy Joe & the hate-filled Dems and biased Media trying to attack Pres Trump on that position -LOL

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