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“The Committee to Draft Michelle Obama” is Formed

I don’t know how seriously to take this. But recent history shows that with respect to presidential politics, everything must be taken seriously.

She would probably be the most unqualified president since . . . well . . . since Barack Obama.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A committee to draft Michelle Obama as Joe Biden’s running mate has formed and is already pushing attention to the former first lady in hopes she gets the spot.

Records at the Federal Election Committee said the “Committee to Draft Michelle Obama” filed late last month.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 7.49.11 AM.png
Logo from the new group.

A memo to the media today said that the goal of the group is to encourage Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to pick Obama. Biden recently said that he would pick her “in a heartbeat,” though she has expressed no interest in the position.

Over the weekend, Biden said that he is considering “significantly more than one black woman” for his vice presidential pick. Others thought to be under consideration are California Sen. Kamala Harris and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

9 thoughts on ““The Committee to Draft Michelle Obama” is Formed”

  1. Joe Biden — the theme of his comments over time…..

    Prejudice is wrong… Everyone should get an opportunity… Which is why I will only select a woman as VP…

  2. Apparently all of Biden’s candidates (female, black) have passed his hair-smelling test? Now they should brace themselves for fondling in public 102 I understand that he insists on conducting these national security-important exams (in every sense of that word) himself.

  3. Years ago, I predicted that Donald Trump would not run for President and have to give up his privileged/cushy lifestyle.
    I also predicted some time ago that Michelle Obama would not run for public office and have to give up her privileged/cushy lifestyle. \

    Oh, please let me be right this time.

  4. Not impossible, surely, but extremely unlikely.

    Mark my words, we have not heard the last of the dowager empress of Chappaqua. Given the failing health of Hairplugs McSniffyhair, she’s in the catbird’s seat. He campaigns, she stays out of the spotlight, and after he wins, well, use your imagination.

    Ergo, no way in hell, is Mouchelle going to be the running mate for Hairplugs McSniffyhair. As long as a certain infamous pair of cankles remains above ground, it will keep trying to run for the White House, and God help anyone, human or wookie alike, who tries to get in the way.

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