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Durham Building Criminal Case Against FBI Agents Who Targeted Flynn

According to Fox News:

U.S. Attorney for Connecticut John Durham has reviewed the bombshell files released earlier this week showing FBI officials discussed whether they wanted to interview Michael Flynn in order to “get him to lie,” sources familiar with his investigation told Fox News, as the document drop renews attention on his probe of the law enforcement community’s Russia case.

Sources even said charges could be justified against officials, and that those reviewing the Justice Department and the FBI’s actions are building a “serious case.” Durham and Attorney General Bill Barr are said to be speaking regularly.

Durham has seen all of this already,” one source told Fox News, adding that they “could be sufficient for some charges against agents.”

“It’s a crime to present under oath false or misleading information,” the source told Fox News. “Not to mention obstruction of justice.”

4 thoughts on “Durham Building Criminal Case Against FBI Agents Who Targeted Flynn”

  1. I don’t think it’s unusual for law enforcement to coerce an admission of guilt out of somebody, regardless of their true guilt. They just want a conviction for their own career advancement, they don’t care who ends up under the bus. They justify it by thinking their suspects are somehow deserving of punishment for something they did at some point. I think these asshats should do time, and this practice needs to stop. Wrong is wrong, whether you are wearing a badge or not.

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