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Pelosi’s House Coronavirus “Oversight” Committee Includes Maxine Waters

Okay. So this is supposed to be a good-government, nonpartisan panel just looking for some facts, and just the facts, ma’am, about how the Administration has handled to coronavirus response.

And yet it includes Maxine Waters, who has been calling for President Trump to be impeached since about 2004, and several other Democrats who were involved in the impeachment process.

Pelosi has decided the coronavirus is good politics. Sure, Trump made mistakes in his handling of the crisis. But this is not mistake. It will deny the country any lessons learned from the crisis and any sense of legitimate oversight that could point to actual problems.

It will be another Washington circus designed to elect Democrats.

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the names of seven Democratic lawmakers to serve on a newly created coronavirus investigative committee, but Republicans are rejecting the new panel as a “partisan pursuit.”

Pelosi on Wednesday named some of the most anti-Trump Democrats to serve on the committee, which Democrats created without the help of Republican votes during an emergency House session last week.

The roster includes several lawmakers who led the impeachment effort against President Trump, including House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters of California and House Government Reform and Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney of New York.

Waters has been calling for Trump to be removed from office since 2017. Maloney promised to continue with investigations into Trump after the Senate acquitted him of two impeachment charges earlier this year.

The panel also includes Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat who blames Trump for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States and the ensuing economic shutdown.

9 thoughts on “Pelosi’s House Coronavirus “Oversight” Committee Includes Maxine Waters”

  1. As the first order of business, they began drafting and editing the results of their investigation…

    Spoiler alert: Orange Man Bad!

  2. If you don’t think Satan’s foot soldiers are frolicking about among us freely guess again. Anger and hatred of America are quite motivating to them. May God be with us.

  3. The time is long past for Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s mysterious and financially beneficial connections to China be investigated by Federal authorities. There’s some truly weird stuff going on for many years and the Pelosi/China connections might well be influencing Nancy’s bizarre political behavior. Democrat corporate media has been protecting the Pelosi’s for many years, so we have to dig deeper.

    There’s lots of references to the mysterious Pelosi/China connection–here’s just a couple of them:

  4. The only one that’s missing is Roland Freisler to be the judge of choice by the Dem’s to head yet another witchhunt.
    But this Nazi is dead, Pelousy is still alive.

  5. Impeachment, the Threequel, will do one of two things.

    There’s a chance that it may wake up Democrat base voters, and get them to hold their noses and vote for…whoever emerges from the convention. I doubt that’s going to be Plugs.

    Note that Plugs is not a mathematical lock at this point, despite his lead, so he could be pushed aside as the Wu flu story fades, and the news begins to emerge about his senility, and predatory sexual behavior, and that gazillion-dollar hedge fund deal Hunter pulled in scarely a week after visiting Red China on Air Force Two…yeah.

    Plugs is already problematic, but if he’s replaced as the nominee, that could cause an even bigger enthusiasm problem.

    Ergo, the need for this do-over of a do-over on impeachment: Pelosi knows that unless the base shows up, her days as Speaker will be over.

    And it might just work, who knows?

    But I think the much more likely result, will be to pour gasoline on the fires of Trump Nation’s fury. And they will go to the polls with but one objective: throwing every Democrat on the ballot out of office.

    Make no mistake: this is a desperation move by Pelosi. She has nothing more to offer the center, because she’s been too busy trying to get the Chiquita Guevarra wannabes in her caucus to sit down and shut up.

    Maxine Waters is even less telegenic than Jerry Nadler, who can at least pass for an amiable dunce, and Pencil-Neck, who, on a good day, and with good make-up, can sometimes conceal his horns, tail, bat wings, and hooves.

    No, with Mad Maxine, what you see is what you get, and it’s an ugly sight indeed. The more she talks, the better Trump looks.

    This is not the sort of move Pelosi would make, were she certain of victory. Quite the contrary, in fact.

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