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White House Cancels Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing

UPDATE: President Trump will hold a news conference Monday at 5 pm ET.

There could be a lot of reasons for this, not least of which that President Trump was heavily, and I think unfairly, criticized for comments he made about using UV light and other substances to combat the coronavirus.

n fact, as those of you who read Cut to the News are aware, UV light is being tested on internal organs to see if it kills the virus.

Trump will take questions Monday instead at an appearance scheduled for 4:00 pm with industry executives.

Trump over the weekend said the breifings were “not worth the effort.” It’s possible that Hope Hicks, recently brought back to help out, has decided the briefings are not the best forum for the president anymore.

3 thoughts on “White House Cancels Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing”

  1. A comment…and ramblings..

    Maybe Trump is planning on briefings on something that kills more people (notwithstanding the acute situations like NYC)… Which likely would have been better if gov’t did not mandate the return of infected individuals to the nursing homes — where +/- 50% of the deaths are occurring in some cases…..

    Or he’s planning to expand it to include…

    1. Deaths from transplants not happening now
    2. Other surgeries not deemed essential by the gov’t
    3. Suicide
    4. Domestic abuse
    5. Unhinged acts of violence
    6. Other diseases that are behaviorally based.

    Take your A,B,C,D,Zinc and whatever… and go about your life folks. You have witnessed the biggest grab of liberty and freedom in the history of this country…

    …..If the internment of Japanese in WW2 was bad (and YES it was) then the internment of citizens now is also bad….

    As soon as you can — get out there – flex your rights — I am — going out to businesses that are open — If you are worried ….. flex your liberty and freedom and so whatever you want — like staying home…

    Scared People to Govt == Don’t just stand there – do something!

    Freedom loving People to Gov’t == Don’t do something – just stand there!

    Have a wonderful day – I hope you are well and able and willing to exercise your freedoms granted to you!

  2. At first, we hung on every syllable uttered at theses pressers. But after weeks of daily bickering between the President and that guy in the front row, it gets tedious.

    We need data, not school yard antics.


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