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Trump Rolls Out Campaign Theme: I Built a Great Economy, I Can Do It Again

This is how President Trump is going to frame his reelection campaign. The economic growth under his stewardship was derailed by the coronavirus, and he is the one who can put things back on track.

It may have some resonance, because it is not an unreasonable argument. Maybe Joe Biden could put the economy right too, if he can match his socks in the morning.

Trump, who spoke during a Rose Garden press conference, also said that the economy would be better in the third quarter and then scale up dramatically in the Fourth, with strong growth next year.

I don’t think people are going to judge him too much on the economy. I think they get what happened. The election will turn more on his response to the coronavirus — past, present and future — and their perceptions of Biden.

Right now, Democrats are pretty thankful Biden is stuck in his basement.

6 thoughts on “Trump Rolls Out Campaign Theme: I Built a Great Economy, I Can Do It Again”

  1. We saw the Summer of Joe and his great work on the economy working for Barack….


    Even folks like me are getting turned off by what seems to be an obviously YUUUUUUUUUUUGE mistake that is not being corrected quickly.

    If someone at a Trump property opened up a water main and was destroying the property — it would not take Trump 30 days to figure it out, come up with a solution and implement it.

    It will take a lot for me to vote for Joe… but at some point I’m going to stay home… from voting… if Trump does not turn this around quickly and bigly.

  2. Staying home is the worst thing you could do, what you’re saying makes no sense whatsoever. Staying home gives the Leftists an opportunity to vote for whoever will be Biden’s VP pick, and Leftists will vote for Biden no matter what. Biden could fondle a woman or a child on stage and they will still vote for him, so get off your high horse and vote. The dictatorial behavior of Democrat “leadership” in certain cities should scare the crap out of you if nothing else.

    1. At some point — every person — will say ‘I give up’…. working 30 years to build a business to lose it in 30 days… or see other impact..

      To be an alternative to the democrats — where we give up our freedoms — Trump has to be an alternative.

      Here — rhetoric aside… The liberty and freedom of citizens are being taken/freely given up.

      We need a leader here – not a politician — and a leader says — “Be smart (advice).. be free”

      Trump is losing people…. and if I lose my home, my savings, my life’s work.. I might just park my butt in government assisted housing and collect my check, free medical care, food stamp, etc….

      I’m not there — but I can see how someone can get there….

      Trump will lose in November if he thinks that another month can go by….

      He made a decision set based on 2.2 million (not gonna say that that was ok) but now he needs to change course.

      Yes. Governors have a say… but be real… Trump has lots of tools.. he could make it happen faster…

      I understand the stupidity of voting for Joe or not voting against him… people are emotional… and vote on emotion… if there is nothing left, there is nothing bringing us to the voting booth… Politician Trump should see that.

      (Not that anyone should have to know this — I’m a pretty big Trump fan — since the escalator ride — so I’m just saying — he needs to step it up, bigly)

  3. I agree that Trump could have been a much, much better leader through all of this. Forget ALL blame and politics, and talk to the American people about the realities of this. Talk to them about how following (only) the science will lead to economic ruin. Talk to them about how easy it is for the left to decry decisions that endanger any loss of life, because THEY DON’T PAY for anything, American taxpayers do. Talk to them about how government almost could never have been prepared for this, we never would have allocated funding for (then) unneeded ventilators. Remind them that at no point in history would we have been prepared for this. Then make no further statements and let the scientists AND economists speak.

    1. Great reasoned and humble points on how to explain & talk about this awful situation…and consequences.

      But with all know; after these weeks of Pres Trump circus ‘daily briefings’…Trump does not do “reasoned” or “humble” :-|

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