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Trump to Temporarily Suspend ALL Immigration

So far, this is most of what we know.

Politico is reporting that “The Department of Homeland Security is still drafting the executive order, according to three people familiar with the situation. One possibility that has been discussed is an exemption for temporary guest workers, including those who work on farms.”

Cue the predictable outrage.

3 thoughts on “Trump to Temporarily Suspend ALL Immigration”

  1. Shutting the door, temporarily, is good policy. If we are ALL ordered to shelter in place, should that not apply to outsiders as well? I don’t think the President had to wander to the southern border wall during his presser with the Army Corps of Engineers General, even though it was interesting. Focus, focus…focus

  2. With so many Americans out of work due to an overwhelming shutdown (Thanks Drs.Fauci and Birx), we don’t need legal immigrants at present, or more illegals.

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