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Video || This Man Cannot Be President

I’m sorry, the Democrats have to come up with someone else. Just for the sake of the republic, someone in this state should not be getting close to the Oval Office.

He can’t even do his lines when he’s actually looking down at stuff written out for him.

Watch the pained face of Sanjay Gupta as this proceeds.

6 thoughts on “Video || This Man Cannot Be President”

  1. Really sad. If this is the best the Dems can do, I wouldn’t bother at all. The media complains about Trump and his daily briefings, but this guy can’t read prepared statements. Unreal.

  2. He’s their candidate because the Dems couldn’t or wouldn’t put someone out there with some fresh ideas, a person who could inspire American voters.
    MrTrump never promised free stuff, never used his candidacy to promote one American above another. His message was we are Americans, all, and we can do better.

    1. Biden won’t choose his VP — he’ll be told who’s running with him. The Gimmiedats think no one can figure this out, but it’s obvious every time Joe open his mouth. He’s a puppet.

  3. My lefty friends all insist that he’s a great candidate and the fact that he is incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together is because he’s a stutterer. My question: how come he wasn’t like this 10 years ago?

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