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Fauci on Protests: Don’t “Jump the Gun” Reopening, it Could “Backfire”

From an appearance Monday on Good Morning America:

Clearly, this is something that is hurting from the standpoint of economics, from the standpoint of things that have nothing to do with the virus. But unless we get the virus under control, the real recovery, economically, is not gonna happen.

If you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re gonna set yourself back. So as painful as it is to go by the careful guidelines of gradually phasing into a reopening, it’s going to backfire. That’s the problem.

6 thoughts on “Fauci on Protests: Don’t “Jump the Gun” Reopening, it Could “Backfire””

  1. The Chinese flu, we are learning, is not as transmissible as we were told, nor is it as lethal as we were told.

    Or should I have said, “as we were sold”?

    The bottom line is that this emergent state of affairs is untenable, absent a legitimate emergency.

    Recall that many non-emergency and elective procedures were summarily cancelled, in order to free up medical resources for an an anticipated wave of patients ailing and dying from the Chinese flu.

    Now, not only has that anticipated wave not occurred, but hospitals in some places have idle capacity that really should be back in use, soon, lest more serious and more likely problems be complicated by political dogmatism masquerading as medical caution.

    How many of the cancelled “non-essential” colonoscopies, for instance, would have caught curable tumors, which will instead be inoperable, because they were discovered too late?

    How many people will succumb to the many diseases of despair, because their livelihoods, their lifes’ works, or their lifelong dreams, were forced to end for good, after being declared “non-essential”?

    And, in the cruelest irony of all, how many cancelled immunization drives, worldwide, will leave children vulnerable to preventable diseases, which will do far more harm to them, than the Chinese flu?

    No, the backfiring that really should concern our “betters,” will be the governed class’s reaction, to the overreaction of the governing class.

    For THEIR lives were not disrupted, oh…NO. They were esSENtial, you see. Things would have been SO much worse for us, they claim, were they not pushing those super-important papers across their super-important desks.

    That jive might work at a Kalorama cocktail party, but it ain’t gonna play in Peoria.

    We are seeing, in graphic detail, where a two-tiered system leads.

    We will no longer abide a Nation, where a nuclear family in Nebraska struggles to feed itself, while our politicians fetch $12 ice cream pints from their $24,000 freezers.

    This must not, and can not, go on.

    “I want justice for every voice that can’t be heard! I want vindication for every suffering and hurt! Let retribution hold dominion over Earth! Because Judgement Day’s not ccoming, soon enough!”

  2. “Jumping the gun” will only prove that the models he espoused were wrong.

    He’s no expert on the economy…step aside, doctor.

  3. Here is a where the social contract – or whatever you call it — was broken.

    DC said NYC and other places are going to see bodies stacked like cord wood – over capacity – no PPE or ventilators, no beds, etc. So we asked our fellow Americans in South Dakota, Alabama, Wyoming, etc to stop everything so that we might not reach capacity there as well — give up your rights – send us your ventilators and such – help us. We need your help. So we can FLATTEN the curve so we don’t overflow…

    For the non-mathematicians — flattening the curve does not change the AREA under the curve — the total numbers remain the same — we just spread it out over a longer time frame so the peak does not crush us.

    That is passed. Opening up again may now see an increase in cases — We are merely changing the curve — there is no change in the number of cases —

    Now this is where the betrayal occurred — 22million unemployed – countless other implications… We jumped when the numbers could be 2 million dead. We were insulted and disrespected and used when the numbers were quickly known to be much less than 2 million. That is where the hurt and SELFISHNESS is unbearable for us outside of NYC see it.

    We jumped in with only scant information…. help our fellow citizen… We hear things like Hydrochloroquine (with something) might help and we he WE NEED trials and such… There is a parallel that was not met. We did not hear that from Fauci… Stop the economy. 2million might die… There was no equal embrace and return of love — “You know — these drugs are generally safe — let’s do what is reasonable and make it happen” Nope. We get some crap.

    Look – Not saying the drug is the answer — it is about the enthusiasm matching…. We didn’t also hear anyone say form NYC — OK – thanks folks — we are there… we don’t need you to keep your lives all messed up for us — Go ahead and return to work. We’ll stay locked up for awhile.. the likely candidates for the virus.. The unwell — mostly old.

    Nope. We were taken advantage of.. and the idiot governors had to one up each other on the level of reaction — if you close this then I have to beat that….

    We now pat ourselves on the back with the social distancing to have flattening the curve….. we will see, I suspect, that the social distancing of the healthy was of little impact (or negative) and that we could have done this so much easily with little disruption.

    Of course the single data point of Sweden is hard to pinpoint. (50% the size of NY population and 10% of the deaths compared to NY )… when you multiple the population of the country so that the 10Million is more like 330 the total deaths of would be closer to 50K — pretty close to US numbers…

    Again – flattening the curve is only changing the timing….

    Sad. Sad. Sad. So much suffering is happening and will continue for years to come. Many people like me suffered after the 2008 melt down….. forgotten. In a year or two.. all the lost businesses, homes, families, will be forgotten. Sad.

    The elites asked for our help. We gave it. We received no thanks – which is to say — they did not say — OK – Stop. Go back to normal ASAP. We are not going to be over capacity.

    We gave without question. We were taken advantage of.

    1. Well said! And we can’t forget the incessant claim that we as a nation were “going to look like Italy in ten days”…that was five weeks ago. And then Cuomo warned that the rest of the country would “soon” look like New York…again, weeks ago now. All these dire predictions from the “experts”…admonishing us for not “believing the science.”

  4. Back in the days of the Spanish Flu, which the libs love to refer too, they only quarantined the sick people, not the healthy people. What is wrong with this picture?

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