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Nancy Pelosi’s Bad Day at the Freezer: A $24K Fridge Stocked with Gourmet Ice Cream

In case you missed this. Limousine liberal alert.

Here is some of the criticism.

6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Bad Day at the Freezer: A $24K Fridge Stocked with Gourmet Ice Cream”

  1. Nancy Antoinette, I would like to tell you what would lift our spirits.
    You getting off your ice-cream-rear and funding the SBA program so our small business doesn’t fail

  2. While millions of Americans lose their jobs, Nancy Pelosi eats gourmet ice cream. Disgusting, people need to remember this in November when they cast their votes.

  3. If you’re in a swing House district, and you happen to have a Democrat that’s trying to act moderate, and they make the mistake of holding a public town hall at which you can ask a question, hammer them with Pelosi this and Pelosi that.

    Why did they go along with Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment scam? When did they tell Nancy Pelosi that showing off her $12 ice cream pints was awful optics? And when did they stand up to Nancy Pelosi during the National House Arrest of 2020, and tell her that her DC opera house would need to be a separate bill?

    Every single House Democrat needs to have the albatross named Nancy Pelosi hung about their neck this November.

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