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Trump Demands That Pelosi Return to Washington and “Do Your Job”

You’d think at least congressional leaders would be in town even if Congress is not. President Trump is meeting with all kinds of people.

This is pretty scathing, even for Trump. They will never be able to work together. Trump will not forgive her for impeaching him.

5 thoughts on “Trump Demands That Pelosi Return to Washington and “Do Your Job””

  1. I agree that Nancy Pelosi should be on the job in DC, after all President Trump shows up each and every day. If she doesn’t return, is there a way that her salary can be withheld?

  2. Pelosi on a late night show exhibited a luxury freezer full of gourmet $14.00 a pint ice cream !!! “Let them eat cake.” Grrrr!!!

      1. I pray people wake up and see grifters for what they are when they show up on the campaign trail. Pelosi has been nothing more than a parasite on taxpayers for her whole life. People should be ashamed that they voted for her. In a better world, Pelosi, with her “handout” attitude, would be living in a tenement on welfare, with Maxine Waters for a roommate.

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