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Video || Trump Shuts Down “Loudmouth,” “Showboat” Playboy Reporter

Playboy White House reporter Brian Karem, is both the problem with the press and someone who creates a problem for those increasingly few in the MSM who still want to play it straight.

He is among a breed who pretend to be doing the people’s business when they are actually making journalism about themselves.

Note Karem said he talked to “hundreds of people across the country in the last few weeks.” Seriously? How, exactly, did he do that?

He also attempted to silence the president. Not sure I’ve ever seen a reporter tell a president to stop speaking.

Maybe they should get the Penthouse White House reporter into the briefings and see how he does.

4 thoughts on “Video || Trump Shuts Down “Loudmouth,” “Showboat” Playboy Reporter”

  1. There will come a point when the President won’t be taking questions from anyone.
    The media behavior is shockingly disrespectful.

  2. Trump is doing the right thing by pushing responsibility for Coronavirus response down to local government:
    1) It is the right thing to do. There are hot spots that need to be treated differently from other places. One size does not fit all.
    2) It at least attempts to deflect the maniacal attempts to blame President Trump for all things coronavirus. It is too easy for Governers to take the high road to re-election and take no responsibility while blaming Trump for anything negative. Put them in charge and keep making that clear! That will shut their liberal pie-holes.
    3) Governors should in turn push responsibility down to communities. We, as a culture, need to stop thinking that government needs to take care of us. That concept is poison.

    Not sure anything can top the looks of horror on the left’s faces when Trump was elected the first time, but maybe the second time will come close haha!

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