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Video || Fauci Says He Did Not Mean to Say Trump Was “at Fault” for Coronavirus Deaths

Dr. Anthony Fauci got himself into a world of hurt when he said on CNN Sunday that if social distancing had begun earlier, then there would be fewer deaths.

He repeated the assertion during Monday’s coronavirus task force, but noted that the question was hypothetical and that early discussions included pros and cons of opening up the economy.

Fauci said that President Trump had agreed with Fauci and his health advisors every time they made a formal request, including to ask for social distancing for two weeks and the for thirty days.

The bottom line is that his statement has to be put in the context of the evaluation that had to be made about the extent of the risk and the consequences of shutting down the economy.

We could have started social distancing in July, and there would have been fewer deaths, but there wasn’t enough reason to do so. Similarly with January. So his statement was taken out of context, including by Trump, who Sunday had retweeted a tweet saying Fauci should be fired.

2 thoughts on “Video || Fauci Says He Did Not Mean to Say Trump Was “at Fault” for Coronavirus Deaths”

  1. Perhaps so, but in my opinion, it’s time for greater weight to be given to the ECONOMIC experts as it pertains to when to open the economy. Drs. Fauci and Birx can weigh in on HOW. But again, IMO, the economy is paramount right now (depending on which part of the country you are in). I hope our Ohio Governor recognizes that as well.

  2. It was Dr. Fauci who, on January 21st, said he didn’t think Coronavirus would be a threat to those in The United States. He said roughly the same things all through January, February and in March. Isn’t he one of the guys who’s supposed to be on top of this sort of thing, so that it doesn’t catch anyone by surprise? President Trump was incredibly gracious in his comments yesterday, I would have told the rude CNN reporter, Fauci’s statements word for word, followed by what the National Institute of Health was doing all these years NOT preparing for this.

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