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Bye Bye Bernie: Sanders Quits, Making Biden the “Presumptive” Nominee

Unless they decide Biden can’t do the job because he is mixing up his fork and his spoon.

That’s why I put presumptive in quotation marks. I think given his performance of late, it’s hardly certain that Biden is presumptive. That would be presumptuous to presume.

Anyway, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders withdrew Wednesday from the Democratic race, a helpful moment for Joe Biden, who has had to suffer with kissing his socialist keister and devoting resources to finishing him off.

Republicans will be disappointed, and they should be. Now Biden can consolidate his power base, get the left behind him to the extent he can, and start running a general election campaign early.

On the other hand, at least the socialist movement gets diminished. Republicans were far too eager to have Bernie as the nominee. A man who honeymooned in the Soviet Union should be permitted nowhere near the presidency. Democrats should be ashamed they ever considered him.

Sanders announced his decision in a conference call with his staff Wednesday morning.

One of his biggest problems is that African Americans don’t particularly like him. They sure have a point. And you need blacks to win the Democratic primary.

Though Biden will need to spend less time doing it, he’ll still have to listen to Sanders, who commands a strong following Biden will need to get out to vote for him.

But it won’t matter much. Sanders’s followers know that Biden is very liberal, but not an extremist. They’ll go out and vote based on how much they hate Trump, not on what Bernie or Joe tell them to do.

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bernie: Sanders Quits, Making Biden the “Presumptive” Nominee”

  1. Speculation: Biden comes down with some illness in the near future, Covid or not. He “elects” to do the right thing, stepping aside…just about the time the convention initiates. Biden tosses delegates to.. Cuomo. And we are off to the races… Mano y Mano… NYer v. NYer…

    1. Very possible. Cuomo is pawing the ground as we speak, grunting as he pounds the punching bag, taking long runs, punching in the air, preparing like Stallone in the movie Rocky. He’s running laps, skipping rope, watching his diet, training hard with his coach.

      Cuomo’s problem is that Trump will knock him out in the first round. Cuomo has a soft political jaw and Trump knows exactly where to hit it.

    2. Trump is a Floridian now….. btw..
      So he will be the first Floridian President Elected as a Floridian…


      Cuomo will get crushed

  2. Cuomo, and just about any other Democrat, will have a HUGE problem — how are they going to overcome their extreme liberal ideas to win a general election. I can’t see it. Trump and the Republicans have LOTS of ammunition.

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