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Stephanie Grisham Replaced as White House Press Secretary by Kayleigh McEnany

President Trump is moving campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany over to become White House press secretary, replacing Stepanie Grisham, who will return to working for First Lady Melania Trump, this time as her chief of staff.

According to Politico:

White House officials had grown frustrated with the job of the communications team, especially during coronavirus, and press responsibilities for the pandemic crisis were handed over to the vice president’s office. Jared Kushner, Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, has also complained in recent months that the communications shop under Grisham was not aggressive — that it only reacted instead of taking a proactive approach, according to two people close to the White House.

Grisham made the mistake of going into quarantine after hanging out with Brazilian officials who met with Trump and his aides and then tested positive for the coronavirus. So it appears she missed certain machinations by hostile parties with the palace.

She was definitely surprised by the move, complaining last week of being informed by the press that her job was in jeopardy.

Anyway, this is the actual White House press secretary.

9 thoughts on “Stephanie Grisham Replaced as White House Press Secretary by Kayleigh McEnany”

  1. That is one tough job, and requires an atmospheric radar. And, as you pegged it, going into quarantine highlighted a slight inability to sense what was happening in her physical absence.

    Ms Grisham has nothing to be ashamed of, it is a job very few people in the world could manage even for a week. She is very good, and can be proud of having served to the best of her ability. It is no fault to simply have different talents than are needed at a particular time in history.

  2. Stephanie…Who…? She was the most useless ‘press secretary’. I had google her several times to remember who she was.
    Saw her speak once I think, on some softball FOX News ‘interview’.

  3. is there something wrong with WHD website lately?

    I need to click multiple times on the site & each article to RERESH /get new posts & updates…?

    Been Very frustrating to try to read new stuff on here WHD

    1. I have had problems for two weeks now. I notified Keith, but it doesn’t seem to have been fixed.

      The “Homepage“ for his website is an article from March 30th- that’s the most recent post that shows-up on both my MacBook Pro laptop and iPhone.

      Glad it’s not just me.

    2. Yeah, that got me too! I held the ctrl key down and hit the “refresh” thingy to load the latest. Might be a Google Chrome thing, or a web-site change??

  4. Thanks everyone for letting me know. Ironically, I did an “upgrade” in services around then, and it seems to have caused a problem. I will work on it today to see if I can fix. Thanks for your patience.

  5. So the msm made regular WH press conferences a series of “gotcha” moments, and the WH stopped having them.
    Now there’s PDJT who holds his own press conferences, fields all the questions almost all brilliantly, and the msm doesn’t like that either.
    I love it that our Guy fights back.

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