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Acting Navy Secretary Who Insulted Ship Captain Offers Resignation

According to Politico:

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly offered to resign on Tuesday following an uproar over a profanity-laced address to the crew of the coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt on Sunday, according to a senior defense official with knowledge of the matter.

Modly submitted his resignation letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday after meeting with his boss one-on-one, that official said. Neither Esper nor the White House pressured Modly to resign, the official said, and it is unclear whether Esper will accept it.

Modly, who fired the ship’s commanding officer Capt. Brett Crozier on Thursday, late Monday was forced to issue an apology to the crew after calling Crozier’s decision to send a letter requesting assistance to a broad array of Navy personnel “naive” and “stupid.”

5 thoughts on “Acting Navy Secretary Who Insulted Ship Captain Offers Resignation”

    1. I am a USN Vet and this story is a “Charlie-Foxtrot” (CF for civilians -lol)

      For the past 30 years; since 1990s, Navy “leadership” from the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) down to the Admirals…has been a embarrassing SH#T SHOW. (see ship collisions, lack of combat readiness, Billion$ wasted on useless ships & forced PC/diversity indoctrination at all levels of the Fleet…)
      Navy “leadership” cares more Political Correctness/Diversity and being politically connected-friendly to get cushy$$$ post retirement jobs at defense firms & think tanks in the DC swamp.

  1. Are new recruits not taught that military readiness is top priority during peacetime? I don’t understand why this turned into a complete shite-show.

    Commander lost his focus and thought his men were #1 priority. They are not (sorry to the swooning libs!). Military readiness is. That includes not disclosing a state of non-readiness, which HE DID.

    The job of commanding a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier may require ordering men into harm’s way. This guy demonstrated that he was probably not capable of that.

    Why can’t we all just man-up? Patton would have slapped the holy hell out of this guy!!

  2. 1. Right thing to do to remove the Captain for violation of OpSec. Execution was flawed, however. 2. Definitely right thing for Sec. Navy to resign. See #1.

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