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“Wonderful, Warm Conversation”: Trump and Biden Chat About the Coronavirus

The president made sure to note twice that it was Biden who called him, and not the reverse:

“I also spoke just a few minutes ago with former Vice President Biden, who called. We had a really wonderful, warm conversation,” Trump said. He gave me his point of view, and I fully understood that. We just had a very friendly conversation. Lasted probably 15 minutes. And, it was It was really good . . . I appreciate his calling.”

7 thoughts on ““Wonderful, Warm Conversation”: Trump and Biden Chat About the Coronavirus”

  1. Smart man President Trump. You know Plugs could not hold it together long enough to have an intelligent conversation. Can’t wait to hear how Plugs will say Orange Man was bad and rude, cut off my call, put me on terminal hold. He can’t help himself. He has terminal TDS.

  2. We can assume that dozens of people were listening to that phone call. Both caller and call-ee recorded the whole conversation.
    The Biden camp can’t claim something that isn’t true.
    We can assume that MrTrump talked to Biden the same way we talk to our elderly loved ones who aren’t as sharp as they used to be.

  3. Biden is a sad caricature of a candidate now. His stumbling and bumbling will not assist him, even if Trump takes the blame for COVID-19. I watch his clips with mouth agape and in shock… like, how the heck did THIS guy make it to the top of the heap.

    1. The thing that amazes me is how and why the Democrats put forth the worst possible candidates imaginable to challenge Trump in the 2020 election. Remember the cast of characters who dropped out long ago, and now they are left with Biden, who is clearly on the decline, mentally, and Sanders a revolting prototype Marxist. It’s as though the Dems never really had the intention of winning the upcoming election. They gave up before they even started the race. Truly weird.

      1. The Dems may have decided to just throw in the towel when, no matter what they threw at Trump (Russia, Ukraine, impeachment, ad nauseam), he just kept going and his base grew stronger. Likely plan is start fresh with new faces for 2024.

        But, on the flip side, I’m sure they’ll pair Biden with a younger, more radical VP choice. Then they’ll hope for the best, with the intention of having the VP and all the Obama/Deep State types running the show if they win. Biden would just be a figurehead for one term (or even less)…they want their power back any way possible, even if it means having to tolerate Gramps at the top of the ticket.

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