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Trump Schedule || Tuesday, April 7, 2020

12:30 pm || Participates in America CARES: Small Business Relief Update; Roosevelt Room 

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House Coronavirus Task Force at 5:00 pm

2 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Tuesday, April 7, 2020”

  1. is there something wrong with WHD website lately?

    I need to click multiple times on the site & each article to RERESH /get new posts & updates…?

    Been Very frustrating to try to read new stuff on here WHD

    1. I have had problems for two weeks now. I notified Keith, but it doesn’t seem to have been fixed.

      The “Homepage“ for his website is an article from March 30th- that’s the most recent post that shows-up on both my MacBook Pro laptop and iPhone.

      Glad it’s not just me.

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