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Peter Navarro Calls for “Second Opinion on hydroxychloroquine After Showdown With Fauci

According to the Washington Examiner:

White House economic adviser Peter Navarro wants a “second opinion” on the anti-malaria drug that has shown some signs of effectiveness in treating coronavirus patients.

Navarro, who supports the widespread distribution of hydroxychloroquine, was asked Monday to respond to an Axios report that said he got into a confrontation with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, who insists there is no “strong” evidence that the drug can treat the coronavirus.

In particular, Navarro was asked on CNN’s New Day why the public should listen to him instead of the top infectious disease expert in the nation.

“I’ll let him speak for himself, John, but I would have two words for you: second opinion,” he said. “And in terms of the studies that exist, I think you would grant me that there are numerous studies on this, which show preliminary therapeutics.”

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2 thoughts on “Peter Navarro Calls for “Second Opinion on hydroxychloroquine After Showdown With Fauci”

  1. I admire Dr. Fauci, but he is addicted to the pure air of scientific, endless non-emotional data. One can almost hear the eagerness of such secure and protected types for the day the pandemic has killed all it ca, and such as he can relax and begin caressing the data and titillating themselves.

  2. Sometimes I think that Dr. Fauci is in love with his own voice, not just with Hillary. If the doctors on the front lines see improvement, why not listen to them? I would ask Fauci, how many people have to die unnecessarily while you “study” a drug that’s been around, and successfully used for ages?

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