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Cuomo Briefings Set Him Up as a Potential Challenger to Trump

According to Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner:

In their daily virus TV briefing showdowns, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is beating President Trump and setting himself up as a potential surprise challenger in the muddled 2020 presidential race.

The latest evidence comes in a Zogby Analytics survey provided to Secrets that not only has Cuomo as the politician the nation most admires in the fight on the coronavirus, but also one in which every voter subgroup likes him.

By comparison, while half the country approves of the president’s job, Trump is underwater with groups he needs some support from to win a second term — independents and women.

In his analysis, pollster Jonathan Zogby said, “When it came to politicians, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was perceived most favorably at handling the pandemic. His daily news conferences have become the response to President Trump’s briefings, and the two have gone toe to toe on a number of occasions. Cuomo is currently winning the confrontations, and he has broad appeal — majorities of Republicans and conservatives, nationwide, rate his response to the crisis positively.”

4 thoughts on “Cuomo Briefings Set Him Up as a Potential Challenger to Trump”

  1. Lets not forget how awful NY state has been run by the liberal-progressive-socialist ‘Democrats’ before all this pandemic b.s. …and for years

    1. Amen! DiBlasio, Cuomo & the Democrat Party have “blood stained” hands with their handling of NYC. Because of their concern with political correctness, calling Trump “racist” for closing our borders to China at the end of January. New York didn’t do anything to protect citizens until middle of March.

  2. Meanwhile, Pencil-Neck and Denturebitch are dropping an awful lot of hints that Trump’s response to the virus will their grounds for the next impeachment.

    And no, that’s not an April Fool’s joke, either. I wish it was.

    At this point, Cuomo can ride to the rescue all he wants, but the Democrats could run into some serious headwinds.

    If the Democrats nominate Cuomo, who has not even been on the ballot, then the Bernie bros will stay home, and possibly even vote for Trump. They think they already got the shaft with Plugs; if the Democrats now pull a Johnny-come-lately out of their asses, after screwing them over once already, well…Tom Perez, good luck with your enthusiasm gap. You’ll need it.

    And if Pencil-Neck and Denturebitch are bat-soup insane enough to try a threequel on impeachment, seven months before the election, while President Trump is trying to, oh I don’t know, keep Americans from dying of the Chicom flu, there will be blowback. Losing the House will be the least of the Democrats’ problems if they go there.

  3. Barf. Just wait until the Republicans unveil their commercials against candidate Cuomo. They barely even need to do opposition research against the guy, he’s given them so much material.

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