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Obama Slams Trump for “Pandemic Denial” and Says He Must Not Do Same on Climate

Look who just got involved. The guy who depleted our emergency stockpile for pandemics and never replenished it.

For Obama, climate change 50 years down the road always got him more pumped up for action than securing the country from threats like, say, Russia, Iran, and ISIS. And pandemics, we now learn.

6 thoughts on “Obama Slams Trump for “Pandemic Denial” and Says He Must Not Do Same on Climate”

  1. He can F off. Trump’s China travel ban at the end of January no doubt saved countless lives…politically correct Barry would have never done it in a million years.

  2. And what might he have done differently without the stockpiles. There’s plenty of speculation and blame to go around. I seem to recall he blamed George Bush for lots of stuff he had to deal with. Right now i think climate control is the least of our concerns. Talk about a bunch of opportunists.

  3. Ugh…been out of work, stuck home for 2+weeks, and outside has been Grey-Damp-Cold-Overcast…

  4. A virus that originated in China is somehow somehow the fault of Trump? With every lie that comes from Obama’s mouth, the more I hate him.

  5. As far as we can tell, Barry Obama hasn’t lifted a finger to help Trump or anyone else in this crisis, and he isn’t even slightly interested in what he can do to help or support anyone except himself. In the middle of this pandemic, all Barry is interested in doing is playing politics, undermining Trump and mocking ongoing efforts to alleviate the situation. He didn’t do much good as President, and he’s doing even less as ex-President.

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