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Live Stream || White House Coronavirus Task Force – 3-29-20

9 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Coronavirus Task Force – 3-29-20”

  1. Surely they should have medical reporters to ask sensible questions not the same old tired Democrat activist hacks.

  2. A good talk today. Lots of information. I loved it when President Trump suggest a reporter actually go over to the hospital and find out why their demand for masks went from 10,000/month to 300,000/month. He said something along the lines of, “Why don’t you go over there and ask? Find out why this is happening like reporters do.”

    So many reporters nowadays are just “repeaters” and “gotchas.” I think the skill of reporting has been lost.

  3. I loved Mike Liddell adding a prayer at the end of his remarks. And afterwards, I loved the liberal heads exploding. How dare Trump invite “the pillow guy”? Never mind his company is actually DOING something to help in this time of crisis.

    1. Great comment Sarah. God is the antidote.
      Mr. Liddell showed a lot of courage offering his comments, I hope many people take them to heart.

  4. Reporters absolutely piss me off. They claim great privileges based on freedom of press, and they use it to be complete jackasses, and to promote agendas. Journalism really needs internal regulation (not government obviously) to filter out the ones who don’t respect their responsibilities.

  5. Didn’t watch yesterday but did see a clip later of Dr. Birx explaining that all hospital deaths are counted as COVID-19 regardless of whether they died WITH or FROM it. So, counts are now clearly overstated.

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