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Biden Claims He Became a Professor at Penn When He Left the Senate

Let me think. It’s a few years ago. Wait, no, he became vice president when he left the Senate.

From the Washington Examiner:

Former Vice President Joe Biden raised confusion Wednesday during a virtual round table after claiming he became a “professor” when he left the U.S. Senate.

“When I left the United States Senate, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania,” Biden claimed. “And I’ve spent a lot of time — and the University of Delaware has the Biden School as well, so I’ve spent a lot of time on campus with college students.”

Biden became vice president after leaving the Senate in 2009 and received the title of “Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. He never taught any classes, according to his own spokesperson at the time.

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  1. Look – Joe is a knucklehead — but really — as VP he was president of the senate — probably hung around them a ton while not sniffing around the White House, etc.

    This is not a big factual issue for me. A fact that I find unbelievable is this — UK deaths will be less than the Flu vs COVID-19 and an estimated 50% of the people that do die with COVID-19 now a part of their condition would have died anyway – because of their underlying health condition – So think about that.

    Concepts extend to the USofA

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