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Biden Blames Trump for 3.3 Million Newly Unemployed

Vice President Biden today said President Trump’s “uncoordinated” response to the coronavirus is responsible for last week’s record unemployment claims.

“The harsh reality is that at least 3 million people now don’t have jobs because our president didn’t do his job when it mattered,” Biden wrote.

He said that while Trump is not responsible for the virus itself, “he bears full responsibility for the slow and uncoordinated response. 

“Nearly every country is facing this pandemic — but not every country has responded the same way,” Biden said. “South Korea, among other steps, deployed intensive testing and contact-tracing measures to slow and control the spread of the virus. Donald Trump didn’t do that. He didn’t get ahead of it when he had the chance. And in the absence of an early, aggressive response to flatten the curve, cities and states have been left with no option other than extreme social distancing measures, causing businesses to close and lay off workers.”

Here’s the latest slurry commentary from the bunker.

9 Responses to Biden Blames Trump for 3.3 Million Newly Unemployed

  1. Joe is a p*ssy hiding out in his home while Trump is working long days and has no fear about being with people to get his job done. Trump is a winner and Biden is a senile old loser.

  2. It’s now time for Joe Biden’s family to conduct a professionally-guided family intervention with Joe. Time for him to go home, get some help, adjust his medications, get counseling for him and the family so all can adjust to Joe’s rapid decline. It’s truly very sad to watch him flail around, looking lost, desperately trying to finish a sentence, forgetting where he is, what day it is, what office he’s running for. I’m not in the least a Biden fan, but there comes a time when, on the sheer basis of being kind and helpful to those in need, intervention is in order.

  3. Biden may have had too many flu shots which have been associated with dementia. Also the number ‘33’ comes up a lot in the in-your-face-media regarding this current virus.

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