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Senate Rescue Package Bars Aid for Trump Hotels

Will anyone give President Trump credit for agreeing to this? And maybe stop saying he always puts himself above everything else?

I’m sure Chuck Schumer thinks he scored a major coup with this one.

According to the Washington Examiner:

The bipartisan pandemic relief package will ban loans and aid from going to hotels and other properties owned by President Trump.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that he had secured a provision in the final $2 trillion economic relief agreement ensuring that Trump and others in the federal government don’t personally benefit from the provisions meant to rescue industries hammered by the pandemic. The children, spouses, and in-laws of such officials are also included in the prohibition.

The measure would provide $500 billion in aid to big industries such as airlines and hotels.

9 thoughts on “Senate Rescue Package Bars Aid for Trump Hotels”

  1. Keith – it will never happen – they can’t see past their hatred. I have no doubt he would not have objected to that at any time during the negotiating process. They absolutely hate that the public in general is responding to his handling. The man doesn’t let down at all. His staff is doing a phenomenal job. They are ALL working around the clock as are most governors in this country. The President gave Congress on both sides a shout out yesterday. To suggest that he doesn’t care is such a tired story. His wealth is being affected too – I guess they would delight in his complete financial decimation if that were to happen. Schumer and Pelosi are despicable people. In my heart of hearts, I believe alot of their rank and file are thoroughly disgusted by their antics but are afraid of speaking up. They have constituents too and their re-election chances can be greatly affected by how they respond. Schumer and Pelosi’s seats are so secure that they can wreak havoc and never suffer the consequences.

    1. What Schumer and the Dems don’t care about, is all the regular everyday people who work at Trump’s hotels and resorts. What happens to them if a property goes under? Democrats are so against millionaires and billionaires, yet so many themselves are, but of course that’s different. I feel President Trump is doing the best he can during this pandemic, and that he truly cares about Americans. In the meantime his harshest critics want to stuff the economic rescue bill with windmills, open borders with an insane number of illegals allowed to stay, Obama phones, Obamacare, an entertainment venue in NYC, etc. I hope people vote accordingly in November.

  2. Many don’t realize when they say to vote them out that aren’t up for re-election. Schumer has things that are in his background about a sixteen year old that most are unaware of;)

  3. Glad the Dems have their priorities in order right now…focusing on stuff like this, funding the Kennedy Center, forced “diversity” for corporate boards, etc. etc.

    With them being so out of touch and Trump’s approval of handling the crisis at 60%, their heads should be exploding.

  4. What ever happened to “Bills of Attainder” and the “Corruption of Blood” provisions?

    As Tom Coburn said – “The voting records of virtually every member of Congress reveal that the oath of office is more a ceremonial gesture than a sacred commitment.”

  5. Childish, immature and vindictive.
    I’m not a profane loving person, but some choice words are simmering to explode from my keyboard.
    The Dems are THE problem, caused THE problem, and hopefully will pay the ultimate political price.

  6. Yeah, well…let’s see how thoroughly the congresstards themselves live up to those “no federales can benefit” rules.

    I’m guessing they gave themselves an exemption.
    And even if they didn’t, the ethics committees will just give them a pass, like always.

    Tell you what, folks…we need an Article V convention, with exactly two Amendments up for debate. First up, congressional term limits, applied retroactively to all current congresscritters.

    And secondly, a requirement that all Congressional legislation stick to a single subject. No more banning online poker by way of sneaking an amendment onto a conference report on port security legislation the day before Congress adjourns (look it up.)

    What Pelosi is doing, aided and abetted by the putative “moderates” that got her the gavel, has gone so far beyond malfeasance, that it’s starting to feel like the actions of a hostile foreign power.

    This must not stand. Every single Democrat needs to be voted out thus November, federal, state, local, every last goddamned one of them!!

    Yesterday, they demanded you stay home and not go to work, because ZOMG wereallgonnadie ChiCom-itis blah blah blah.

    (As an aside, right now, staying inside’s actually on pain of jail time in New Jersey…right after they let a bunch of prisoners out of jail, on the grounds that inmates might get Chicom-itis. Go figure!)

    And today, when you ask, Oliver Twist-like, for a bit of relief, because you did your part: you took the loss, the way they asked you to, and you want to be made whole again; what’s the response from Pelosi & Co.? “Not without millions for my opera house!”

    These people are fucking EVIL!!
    Pardon my French, but there is just no other way to describe it!!

    This fall, FIRE THEM ALL!!

  7. Does this mean that any employees of any Trump-owned businesses don’t get assistance? And that is fair? That is taking their hatred to the next level. I really do hope bad things happen to those hatred-filled ass-hats. They deserve it.

  8. While President Trump and Vice-President Pence are front and center (everyday during this crisis), Congress critters like Mittens, who tested negative, are choosing to hide away in the safe space of his home. People who are declared “necessary,” doctors, nurses, first responders, truckers, bank personnel, gas station attendants and people (like my husband) who work in a grocery store. Yet Mittens is home! If the President is on the job so should Mitt. I’m sure he has a lovely apartment in DC that would allow him to stay close by.

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