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Trump Warns of Limits to Damage to Economy He Will Allow from Coronavirus Measures

President Trump last night suggested that at a certain point, the medicine is worse than the cure.

Trump appears to have been influenced by a Wall Street Journal editorial arguing that at some point, we may have to adjust to living with the virus in order to keep the economy from entirely shutting down.

4 Responses to Trump Warns of Limits to Damage to Economy He Will Allow from Coronavirus Measures

  1. Glad the top man realizes this. Larry Kudlow was mentioning something about 12 weeks last night on Fox News…he and guys like Dr. Fauci can easily survive an indefinite shutdown…the rest of us can’t.

    • The elderly will have continue to take greater care, as for me I’m ok with that even though ai have immunity issues. It’s time to start getting the rest of the country moving again, and later on with the areas most affected.

      Also it’s past time to retire Dr. Fauci, he failed when it mattered in 2009, he’s a deep state swamp critter.

  2. People will soon begin to snap………This could be OVER by the weekend…. if they used the Chloroquine…with possible a few(to be determined) side-effect deaths of Chloroquine


    We continue on this self-destructive path…. with possible a few side-effect deaths of Chloroquine

  3. It is false to say that Chloroquine causes death.
    I just read from Free a Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko who gave his
    phone # 845-238-0000 who treated 200 patients in NY who tested positive with Covid19. He was putting this info out to all doctors:
    1.Hydroxychloroquine 200mg.twice daily for 5 days.
    2.Azithromycin 5oomg.once daily for 5 days.
    3.Zinc sulfate 220mg.once daily for 5 days.
    He has cured all these patients and with little side effects.