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WSJ: At What Point is the Coronavirus Cure Worse than the Disease?

This is from an editorial I thought you might want to see by the Wall Street Journal. Basically, the point is, you can shut down everything to the point where there isn’t much to save, and things fall apart.

No society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of its overall economic health. Even America’s resources to fight a viral plague aren’t limitless—and they will become more limited by the day as individuals lose jobs, businesses close, and American prosperity gives way to poverty. America urgently needs a pandemic strategy that is more economically and socially sustainable than the current national lockdown.

The costs of this national shutdown are growing by the hour, and we don’t mean federal spending. We mean a tsunami of economic destruction that will cause tens of millions to lose their jobs as commerce and production simply cease. Many large companies can withstand a few weeks without revenue but that isn’t true of millions of small and mid-sized firms.

By the time Treasury’s small-business lending program runs through the bureaucratic hoops—complete with ordering owners that they can’t lay off anyone as a price for getting the loan—millions of businesses will be bankrupt and tens of millions will be jobless. 

Perhaps we will be lucky, and the human and capitalist genius for innovation will produce a vaccine faster than expected—or at least treatments that reduce Covid-19 symptoms. But barring that, our leaders and our society will very soon need to shift their virus-fighting strategy to something that is sustainable. 

Dr. Fauci has explained this severe lockdown policy as lasting 14 days in its initial term. The national guidance would then be reconsidered depending on the spread of the disease. That should be the moment, if not sooner, to offer new guidance on what might be called phase two of the coronavirus pandemic campaign. 

That will surely include strict measures to isolate and protect the most vulnerable—our elderly and those with underlying medical problems. This should not become a debate over how many lives to sacrifice against how many lost jobs we can tolerate. Substantial social distancing and other measures will have to continue for some time in some form, depending on how our knowledge of the virus and its effects evolves.

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  1. Oh for Pete’s Sake, can the media just be helpful, compassionate, and supportive of everything being done for Americans?
    We’ll survive. Business will return. Schools will open.
    We’re all worried, scared, and but serious about following safety measures.

    For once , just for now, the MSM needs to drop the opposition to everything the Trump Whitehouse does and says.

  2. I think there has been an over reaction in my state. Schools closed last week for two weeks, and now we are hearing it will likely be extended. All restaurants are closed to seating; many offering curbside pickup or drive through. Dare County, the Outer Banks, is closed to outsiders. The beach community nearby me has closed its parks, public parking, and beach access—basically not allowing anyone to get to the beach. You know, fresh air, sea breezes, and sunshine.

    Hubby and I went to Lowe’s this morning and bought paint and mulch; we’re getting ready for Governor Cooper’s eventual state-wide shut down. Lowe’s was more crowded than it is at Christmas time.

    I just found out my Dad has cancer; he lives in NYS. I want to go visit, but I am concerned I won’t be able to return home between leftie Cuomo and Cooper.

    No one, not one person I know, knows anyone who has contracted coronoavirus.

    Should we be concerned about the virus? I believe so, but I think it has been entirely overblown. Americans will tire of this shortly. I know I already am.

  3. Yup…I’ve been saying what’s discussed in the article for a few days now. They’re talking about re-opening public schools here in Los Angeles in September…six months from now! Absurd.

    The lady who cuts my hair has had her own shop for nearly 20 years – she does well, but needs a steady influx of customers to pay the high rent – she has to consistently do well to stay ahead of the game. I noticed she was closed yesterday (deemed “non-essential” by our mayor and governor)…she’s closed today too. I imagine another week or two of this and she’s out of business. Period.

    The death rate is currently about 1.2% here in the U.S. (and dropping)…dropping worldwide as well. The Doomsday folks were hanging their hats on 3% last week…they also said we would be Italy “in ten days”…it’s more than ten days later now, and we’re not Italy by a long shot.

    We can’t stop everything forever for this.

  4. I think we may already be at that point.

    Give this lockdown another week or two, and the economy could be in serious trouble.

    Honestly, and I hate to sound cynical here, but I think that’s by design. What data is already out there, suggests that this is neither as catching as advertised, nor as deadly as advertised.

    Moreover, it looks like warmer weather (with its higher humidity and UV levels) will put the kibosh on it for the season, and until then, good hand sanitation is half the fight.

    From a public health standpoint, it’s starting to look like someone has cried Wolf.

    Who stands to gain from a national lockdown? If there’s any long-term benefit for any American outside the government or the media–pardon the redundancy–I can’t see it.

    The government will still exact its pound of flesh from the private sector, come hell or high water, even if every private business remains closed for a month or two.

    Will there even BE a private sector in the US, if this continues at length?

    And if there God-forbid is not, then who benefits? Why, the very same media and government apparatchiks that have been pouring gasoline on the flames of a national panic.

    Despair and its killing mechanisms–drugs, promiscuity and social diseases, suicide–could very well end up killing far, far more than the virus.

    And we may not even need Bernie Sanders in the White House, to see Marxism imposed upon the United States. If the private sector simply ceases to exist, we’ll have effectively been forced into collectivism…for our own good, of course.

    And who will ever be made to answer, for any of this?

  5. This is just ridiculous. I’m immunity compromised so I stay home for the most part, my husband who works in grocery is deemed essential. The majority of people who get this will recover, and people like me say at home safe. Hand washing and proper sanitation practices have kept those numbers down. Everyday it’s nothing but doom and gloom. Trump shut down travel from China and the Dems went nuts, Trump rightfully calls it The Chinese Virus (as it originated there), and still the Dems go nuts! We have over 300 million people, yet we do not have the massive death toll. Wouldn’t it be better for everybody to just shut down for two weeks? Anybody here who has kids takes them to the grocery store to hang out. I cannot help but think this is a set up in some way to harm our economy and get a Bernie or Biden in office.

  6. I feel this is by design as well…look at the Swine Flu in 2009: 61 million infected in the U.S. and nearly 13,000 U.S. deaths, and we didn’t shut down anything. Different guy in the White House, of course, so he didn’t have to do anything or answer for any of it. Ever.