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Pence Tested and Trump Gets Second Test After VP Aide Positive for Virus

According to the Washington Examiner:

Vice President Mike Pence announced that he and his wife will be tested for the coronavirus a day after they found out one of his staffers tested positive for the coronavirus. Additionally, President Trump also shared that he was tested a second time for the virus.

Pence, during Saturday’s White House coronavirus press briefing, provided additional information regarding the ill staffer and noted that he and second lady Karen Pence will get tested for the first time.

“I am pleased to report that he’s doing well. He had mild cold-like symptoms for about a day and a half, has not been to the White House since Monday. Neither the president nor I had direct contact with that staff person,” he explained.

13 thoughts on “Pence Tested and Trump Gets Second Test After VP Aide Positive for Virus”

  1. Might be good to get rid of the media screaming questions….God knows what they are carrying in. Could be the CCP virus or the #BeerVirus.

    1. …Might be good if President Trump DID NOT do/show up at that briefing everyday.

      Every day Pres. Trump is in front of those biased, hate-filled jackals of the “MSM” screaming useless/gotcha questions is not good.
      I love Pres. Trump…but him getting into daily arguments about drug cures-use-etc. with the biased, hate-filled MSM is not good.

      1. I’m even more tired of the hatchet jobs on Trump. Cripes does it really need a lynch mob if he mis-stated how long ago China could have alerted the world of an exceptionally contagious virus? Does it help anybody for Biden to accuse Trump of mis-handling the response? Soooo tired of this shite! It doesn’t even help Biden for cripes sake, it reveals how completely out of touch (or rather senile) he is.

  2. Lord Jesus please heal the sick man, and please protect our President and Vice President and their families, associates, and allies, and Keith and the people who read this blog, and all their families and loved ones, from any disease, contagion, and illness. Please strengthen them to continue leading our nation through this time of upheaval and fear, to the Father’s Glory. Amen.

  3. Learned from a pharmacist and also an elderly man — Doctors are prescribing the malaria drugs in the Chloroquine family to THEIR family. The elderly man (80+) otherwise is good health – is the father of a doctor who prescribed the drug for his dad. The pharmacist — different connection – also has seen prescriptions for family/friends of doctors.

    This is 100% easy to solve. Demand that the Deep State FDA back off and alway the drug to be used now. Now. Now. This is a drug that will stop the madness (the economic piece will have more damage than the outbreak if continuing)

    Also saw an obvious piece by Wayne Root — South Korea model — so simple a kid could come up with that. Shelter the old and unhealthy(as defined reasonably) and have the rest of us under 70 or under 60 make the economy stay afloat.

    Each year we are going to disrupt the economy like this?!?!?! Stupid. Government run amuck. BTW, Year-to-date Covid-19 = last week Flu (in terms of deaths).

    1. More articles like these are popping up every day, along with the increased sentiment toward this approach.

      I just hope the president and his team are considering this kind of pivot after the “15 days” are up…I don’t want to hear that we need another “15 days” at that point…then another…until there’s nothing left to go back to, economically speaking.

      I respect Dr. Fauci and his peers from the medical side of things, but I’m guessing if it were up to him, we would shut everything down for three months (why not four or five?) We can’t do that. We need a realistic balance between public health and our immediate economic well being.

  4. Sen Rand Paul has tested positive for the virus.

    It’s the uncertainty, the unknown that is hard to take. A hurricane is coming – OK, we’ll go hide somewhere and hope for the best, but this………there’s nowhere to hide.

  5. It is my prayer & hope that some spectacular ‘shooting’ does NOT take place during this period of ‘soft’ medical martial law that would give our ‘superiors’ an excuse to terminate the 2nd Amendment.

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