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Trump Becomes a Wartime Leader

President Trump Wednesday changed the paradigm of his presidency. He is now a wartime leader. And also, he is a leader.

From a description by the Washington Examiner of his performance in the White House briefing room:

President Trump described himself as a “wartime president” as he summoned the sacrifices made during the Second World War to call on Americans to pull together to secure a “total victory” over the coronavirus epidemic.

During a regular White House briefing on Wednesday, he invoked emergency powers that allow his administration to marshal the private sector to respond to what he again referred to as the “Chinese virus.”

He said he would deploy one naval hospital ship to New York City, which is rapidly becoming the epicenter of the emergency, and a second to the West Coast. 

“Every generation of Americans has been called to make sure it sacrifices for the good of the nation. In World War II, young people in their teenage years volunteered to fight,” he said.

Workers, he said, slept on factory floors to keep assembly lines running.

“Now, it’s our time we must sacrifice together because we are all in this together,” he said. “We’ll come through together.”

Trump invoked the Defense Production Act, which affords the president a broad set of powers to use the domestic industry to produce essential materials and goods needed in a national security crisis.

“It’s a war,” he said. “I view it as a, in a sense, a wartime president. It’s a very tough situation.”

2 thoughts on “Trump Becomes a Wartime Leader”

  1. And so, this November, America will choose between keeping a now wartime President Trump in office, or rolling the dice on a demented corruptocrat.

    I suspect I’d better grab a few extra razor blades today, before the inevitable national lockdown. God knows, there is going be a serious shortage of those, once the Democrats finally realize they’re sunk in 2020.

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