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Trump and Mnuchin: Your $1,000 Check Will Soon Be in the Mail

We are all Andrew Yang now.

I think this is going to happen. Or something like it. No better short-term stimulus than handing out free cash money.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump promised a major lift to workers during the coronavirus crisis as officials spelled out plans to send them checks within next two weeks as part of a huge bailout package.

“We’re going big,” he said during a regular White House briefing.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said President Trump wanted to send checks “in next two weeks” as the administration scrambles to reduce the economic impact of theĀ coronavirusĀ crisis

Mnuchin is preparing a stimulus package with proposals for pay roll tax cuts and support for the airline industry.

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He said officials wanted to ensure that workers had cash support as soon as possible but declined to offer details on how it work.

The idea of sending $1000 checks to workers has gained traction among some economists who see it as the fastest, most efficient way of helping those in need and keeping the economy running.

“I think we are going to do something that gets money to people as quickly as possible,” said Trump, adding that details would be finalized by the end of the day.

7 Responses to Trump and Mnuchin: Your $1,000 Check Will Soon Be in the Mail

  1. I normally wouldn’t, but I listen to some really great people on Maria Bartiromo every morning. Today someone who shares Maria’s views about bail outs, etc. himself indicated that “conservatives” need to recognize the seriousness on the economy and that something major needs to be done. This is a time when those of us (referring to himself) look elsewhere. He was even talking about selling 50, 80 and maybe 100 year bonds. Liquidity is the issue and that must be addressed. Another person on her show alot (Elrian I believe) said that the feds really need to be laser focused right now. Until a cure is found and/or people see great progress being made, the market isn’t going to recover. Generally speaking, most of the experts she has are not or do not appear to be partisans.