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Biden “Virtual” Events to Replace Live Campaigning in Response to Coronavirus

Well, it’s certainly arguable Biden has never truly been “all there” at his events anyway . . .

The campaign will no doubt use this opportunity to obscure a candidate whose mental facilities are fading and who has been batting at least a gaffe a day, while perfectly controlling his interactions with voters.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden is taking his campaign events virtual in response to growing concerns about crowded public events helping to spread coronavirus.

Instead of in-person events in Chicago, Illinois, and Miami, Florida, on Friday and Monday, the campaign will hold “virtual” events in those places. Additional details on the virtual format have not been announced.

“The health and safety of the public is our number one priority. We have been and will continue to consult with relevant officials, including our recently announced Public Health Advisory Committee, regarding steps the campaign should take to minimize health risks for staff and supporters,” the Biden campaign said in a statement Wednesday. “As a result of those conversations and at the request of elected officials in Illinois and Florida, we will no longer hold large crowd events on Friday and Monday in those states.”

The change in campaign style comes as large events across the country are being canceled and discouraged while public officials scramble to manage COVID-19 outbreaks and prevent worsening a global pandemic.