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Donald Trump Jr: Biden Aggressive Response to Gun Question Suggests Alzheimer’s

I don’t know if it suggests Alzheimer’s. But I’m kind of glad Biden wasn’t armed during this confrontation.

8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr: Biden Aggressive Response to Gun Question Suggests Alzheimer’s”

  1. IMO, he’s feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the new political world. No one questioned him about something he said or did when he was the VP, no one dared criticize his son, and these confrontations are not what he expected to find on the campaign trail.
    He threatens people with physical actions, calls them names, insinuates that he is still powerful enough to make something happen, but it just looks sad and embarrassing.
    The “record player” is a clue that he isn’t aware of how the young listen to music today. He’s lost (just like a lot of us seniors are today) in the world of electronics.

    Whatever is wrong with him, if anything, he’s not ready to be the POTUS.

      1. Yep. You got it. The Obama people are in the wings, waiting for the right moment to spring their revenge on the American people again. Biden is the plumbing system through which their toxic politics will flow–modern day Manchurian Candidate.

  2. It’s very, very simple, if you’re as cynical as I am.

    He’ll pick Hillary as his running mate, with the plan being to resign immediately after both are sworn in.

    Assuming, of course, that he doesn’t get Arkancided about six minutes after being declared the winner.

  3. Keith,
    Maybe it is just me….

    “I don’t know if it suggests Alzheimer’s….”

    I would say “I don’t know if it IS Alzheimer’s but

    “Aggressive or angry behaviors may occur in people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias”

    sure SUGGESTs to me that Biden might have some mental issue…


    If not, he sure is heck is a pompous ass — his repeated name calling and attitude toward people that ask him a question — delivered in really respectful ways — shows me that he is not in touch with people (except for the ‘touch’ thing he is known for, rightfully).

    Bernie, unfortunately, is a loser — he will not go after Joe B- IDunno — which would be the smart thing to do.

    Nonetheless, as the cycle continues, as Coronavirus (and the 3-4 things that come after that) are forgotten, Joe will not be able to hide.

    Reminder to all — if there is something wrong with our government — who is responsible for that? A guy who spent 3 years new to government trying to fix it or a guy that has spent 50 years in government?

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