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Biden Way Ahead of Sanders in Michigan Primary Polls

The primary is Tuesday, and it’s almost a must-win for Bernie Sanders, but he is trailing Joe Biden badly in two recent polls.

Worth remembering, though, that polls showed Sanders well behind Hillary Clinton there right before the 2016 primary, and he pulled out a win anyway on the strength of a surge in younger voters.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Post-Super Tuesday polling has Joe Biden with a substantial advantage over Bernie Sanders on the eve of elections in Michigan.

Biden has the support of 51% of likely Democratic primary voters in Michigan, according to a Monmouth University Poll released Monday afternoon. The Vermont senator, in turn, has 36% of the vote in a must-win state if he wants to stay in the party’s race for the White House.

While 2% remain undecided and 6% will cast their ballot for uncommitted delegates, 17% have already voted for candidates who have dropped out of the contest, the public opinion survey found.

Biden leads Sanders with white Democrats and minority voters. Although the former Burlington mayor beats Biden with Democrats younger than 50 and men, the two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator wins with Democrats older than 50 and women by a greater margin. 

7 thoughts on “Biden Way Ahead of Sanders in Michigan Primary Polls”

  1. IMO, it won’t matter who wins. One or both will have a “medical issue” forcing them to retire from the race, then the power brokers will pick someone at the Dem convention.

  2. So, 1 in 6 voters has already thrown away their vote by voting early. Remind me again how early voting is a good thing?

    Biden clearly has a few lights flickering in his attic, and there is no way, NONE, that he’s going to serve four years as president. I have my doubts that he’ll even make it to this November.

    Hell, it’s still Spring Training, and at the rate he’s going, forget about the World Series: Joe Biden may not even hold up until the All-Star break.

    Brokered convention, here we come. This’ll be Chicago ’68 all over again.

  3. Yep, the Michigan pollsters at the Detroit Free Press interviewed 400 ‘likely Democratic voters’ for their last poll. They did not include Republicans like me who crossed over this morning to vote for Bernie just to screw them up.

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