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Trump’s Enemies Only Make Him Stronger

From a piece I have running currently on the NBC News website:

They think they are thrusting another dagger into Caesar, saving the republic with a blow that will hasten his political demise. But Trump’s fiercest enemies, Republican and Democratic, do nothing but make him stronger. Every attempted slaying represents exactly what caused the conservative GOP base to propel Trump to victory in 2016. Continuing attempts to destroy him can only drive those voters angrily to the polls in 2020.

The race is narrowing somewhat, with former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders emerging as the front-runners after Super Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, the newest antagonist with a personal disdain for Trump, his rival billionaire and fellow New Yorker Mike Bloomberg, debuted at the ballot box. He has already spent half a billion dollars and wants to remove Trump badly.

On Wednesday, after an abysmal showing, Bloomberg dropped out of the race but has so far pledged to keep spending right through Election Day. Please, Mike, keep spending. Not only will these ads become redundant and tiresome, but he also represents exactly the kind of cosmopolitan elitist whom Trump was elected to oppose. Bloomberg put his tone deafness on full display last week with wraparound banners apparently appealing to voters who can afford the finer things in life — charging that Trump likes his steaks cooked too well done and cheats at golf.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, sure thought he stuck it to Trump by being the sole Republican in both the House and the Senate to support impeachment — voting to convict on the abuse-of-power count. Romney framed his choice as the result of a five-round mixed martial arts contest with his conscience, which finally won out to seize for his better half the championship belt in the moral-paragon weight class. One can be forgiven for doubting the claims of virtuous decision-making by a man who accidentally revealed his contempt for the right by proclaiming himself “severely conservative” during the 2012 election and who derided Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries as the lowest form of subhuman political animal and then begged to be his secretary of state.

Romney’s vote against Trump will help the president in November. That’s because Romney is also exactly the kind of politician Trump was elected to replace: He pretends raw political ambition and personal resentments — Trump won the presidency Romney thought he deserved — are really about high-minded public service.

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