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Video || Democratic Candidates Pandering to Latinos

Well, it’s Nevada caucuses time, and the demographics are a little different then, uh, New Hampshire. So it’s a good moment to review Democratic presidential candidate pandering to Latinos by speaking Spanish and feeling lots of immigrant pain.

Do Hispanics want to be addressed this way? Is it actually respectful? Somehow, I don’t think my grandparents wanted Franklin Roosevelt to try to speak to them in Yiddish.

4 thoughts on “Video || Democratic Candidates Pandering to Latinos”

  1. These politicians, and their advisors, are ignorant. They will never notice that they have lost a horseshoe nail. They should be looking at what ordinary Hispanic people want, not what the activists are hollering about.

    When he was Governor of Texas, Rick Perry went out to Los Angeles to speak at the opening of a pro-life women’s clinic. He spoke in English, and 5,000 Hispanics gave him a standing ovation. Smart politicos might learn from that but apparently the Democrats don’t have any of those.

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