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Trump Says He Knows Who the “Anonymous” Author Is

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump said he knows the identity of “Anonymous.”

His statement to reporters on Tuesday indicates a multipronged search within the White House for the author of the tell-all book, A Warning, which spoke of a resistance movement within the Trump administration, has been successful.

“I know who it is,” Trump said as he boarded a plane at Joint Base Andrews destined for Los Angeles, adding that he could not divulge a name just yet.

“But I know who it is,” he added. “We won’t get into it. People know it’s a fraud. I know who it is, and I know who some of the leakers are.”

One Response to Trump Says He Knows Who the “Anonymous” Author Is

  1. What a shame this is to all Repubs that a President has enemies inside the White House.
    He has enriched and improved the fate of all elected Repubs and they are still reluctant to help him (with few exceptions).