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Sanders Compares Himself to Nelson Mandela

I wasn’t aware that we had Apartheid in this country. But Bernie is aware of it.

I dunno. I guess if Obama could slow the rise of the oceans — or, in the view of his supporters, walk on them — then Bernie can be Mandela.

5 Responses to Sanders Compares Himself to Nelson Mandela

  1. He has a point that makes sense. Just like 2016, the establishment is about to make him a political martyr.
    The Mandela comparison is a little over the top since Bernie won’t be sent to prison, but he’s working a crowd of loonies who think the POTUS can do the things he promises.

  2. Sanders is one of those lefty nutjobs who is mentally stuck in the 1960’s. He never grew up or intellectually matured and likely never will.

    For those of us who lived through those years and heard the insane rhetoric coming from the addled lefties on every campus in the country, what Sanders yells at us is virtually the same things we heard in the ’60’s. Same words, same sentiments. It’s actually spooky.

    I suppose we’ll never know what caused him to stay mentally stunted or puerile in his behavior and his truly dumb view of the world. And we don’t care. He’s a cartoon character and he’s on his last legs. This is his last hurrah.