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On Presidents’ Day, Obama Takes Credit For Trump Economic Success

Barack Obama decided to use Presidents’ Day to get in an argument with another president.

Well, okay, but the average GDP growth rate under Obama averaged around 2 percent, among the lowest of any modern president. Meantime, wages stagnated and the worker non-participation rate in the economy was at levels not seen since the 1970s. The economy grew just 1.6 percent in Obama’s final year.

Trump’s GDP growth has been about 2.5 percent, which is just average, though higher than Obama’s. Meantime, wages are rising and the worker participation rate is slowly recovering.

Of course, Trump was not pleased.

Left out of all this? Both Trump and Obama had helped fuel economic growth with massive federal deficits in a climate of low interest rates.

Not a particularly sustainable way to do this.

7 thoughts on “On Presidents’ Day, Obama Takes Credit For Trump Economic Success”

  1. There’s no question a recovery started during his administration – it could only go up, but it is also about feelings and perceptions. People need to feel like things are improving and their government is cheerleading for everyone. Mr. Obama was big into the elite crowd, concerts at the White House, socializing with the rich and famous. Mr. Trump is simply not like that. President Obama can take all the credit he wants but most everything that the opposition has predicted would happen under Pres. Trump has not and most people know that. I could go on and on.

  2. Beg to differ, MrObama. Every ploy your administration used to make things better just made things worse for the American public. From the assault on our healthcare to the cash for junkers, nothing worked for us.
    Your 8 years is a time we’d all like to forget.

  3. Obama added more regulations, did not cut taxes or allow oil drilling on federal lands. Same old deal he blamed everything on Bush and took credit for the good Trump did.

    The federal debt is 82% of the GDP. One problem is most of the spending is mandatory.

  4. How convenient…his “eleven year recovery” was virtually non-existent during his eight years in office, then magically kicked in the first three years after he was gone. Clown.

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